Photographic Gallery 2015

Father Jerson Farewell - 15 November 2015

Father Jerson Farewell

Friendship Bus Trip - Tuesday 8 September

Visit to Greenbrier Park Garden

The Friendship Group headed to the Southern Highlands. Those who came on the day went to Mittagong for morning tea, then visited Greenbrier Park Gardens, before turning back to a Mittagong club for lunch. A great day for all who attended! (Images: Dan Hale)

Farewell to John Karam - Sunday 16 August 2015

Farewell John Karam

The parishioners of Holy Family parish farewelled John Karam at a morning tea held after the 8.00am mass on Sunday 16 August. John was the acolyte at this Mass for many years so the timing was very fitting. John and Julie, his wife, had been stalwarts of the parish since it's beginning over 60 years ago. As we survey every aspect of parish life today you can be sure that John was there when it was started. "Built on the shoulders of giants" is a good way to describe our parish pioneers - people like John. The parish wishes him a long and happy 'retirement' as he moves further west to live with his family and warmly thanks him for everything he has done on our behalf.

Ordination of Father Thomas Bui - Wednesday 24 June 2015

Ordination of Father Thomas Bui

Bishop of Toowoomba, Robert McGuckin greets newly ordained Pio Yong Ho Jang (left) and Thomas Thien Hien Bui (right)

Newly appointed as Assistant Priest to Holy Trinity Parish - Granville and Holy Family Parish - East Granville, Thomas Thien Hien Bui was ordained priest for the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta on Wednesday 24 June in St Patrick’s Cathedral by the Bishop of Toowoomba, Robert McGuckin.

At his ordination, Thomas said being a shepherd to the people and leading them to the Holy Trinity and God’s salvation was an important aspect of the life of a priest. “This is closely connected with serving the Church and God’s people wholeheartedly,” he said.

“I will act in the person of Christ. In particular, I will pour out divine grace on to God’s people in sacraments.”

Thomas said while celibacy was a challenge in today’s world, for him it was an opportunity to serve the Church without reserve. “I am happy to sacrifice my own life for Christ and His Church, as He sacrificed His for me and everyone else,” he said.

Also ordained with Thomas was Pio Yong Ho Jang Pio who will serve as assistant priest in St Michael’s Parish, Baulkham Hills.

Sunday Morning Tea - Sunday 21 June 2015

Sunday Morning Tea

Morning Tea is held on the Third Sunday of each month after the 9.30am Mass. All are welcome! Please bring a plate.

Wildwood Garden Visit

Wildwood Garden

The Friendship Group visited the Wildwood Garden on 12 May. Lovingly crafted over 30 years by Wayne and Sue Tapping, the garden presents a glorious collection of cool climate plants in a natural woodland setting. The garden features a cherry walk, a fragrant daphne hedge and a magnificent waterfall with ponds as well as a large lake. There are sweeping views across the garden, gravel paths and well-placed sculptures including a magnificent sandstone sofa. (Images courtesy of Dan Hale).

Father Clifford D'Souza's Last Mass As Administrator

Father Clifford's Last Mass

Father Clifford was appointed Administrator of Holy Family Parish in 2014, having also been Administrator of Holy Trinity Parish at Granville. Here he is seen celebrating his last Mass at Holy Trinity Parish on Sunday, 26 April, 2015, before his transfer to Richmond Parish. Father Andrew Bass from Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Parramatta, will be Father Clifford's replacement.