Holy Family Primary School

Holy Family Primary East Granville is the Parish School of Holy Family Parish

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Holy Family Primary is a school that is constantly adapting to the learning needs of its children and offers a rich learning environment. The well-equipped library learning centre is an active learning space where information technology and research skills are promoted along with a love of literature.

Interactive whiteboards have been installed in each of the infants’ grades, as well as in the library and audio-visual centre, and will progressively be provided to the primary grades. Groups of desktop or laptop computers are arranged in classrooms to facilitate individual learning programs and independent research.

Holy Family Primary students excel in the creative arts and are well served by a spacious hall, which is used for dance and drama instruction, as a rehearsal and performance space, for indoor sports, assemblies and for a variety of community activities.

To support the gross motor development of the infants’ students the school offers supervised access to climbing and play equipment within the school grounds. Air conditioning is provided throughout the school for year-round comfort and optimal learning conditions. Our school canteen provides a healthy recess and lunch menu each school day.

Holy Family Primary School is proud of its Josephite traditions and follows the credo of Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop: 'Never see a need without doing something about it'. With this as the School goal, the school aims to reach out to others through social justice initiatives. A new initiative in 2013 was the SVDP Winter Sleep Out in the school hall for Year 6 students, raising funds for homelessness through sponsorship.

Contact Details

199 The Trongate, East Granville, New South Wales 2142
Phone: 02 9637 6020
Fax: 02 9637 8464
Email: HolyFamilyEGranville@parra.catholic.edu.au
Website: http://www.hfgranville.catholic.edu.au

History of Holy Family Primary School

On Tuesday February 2 1938, the Sisters of St Joseph arrived at The Trongate Hall in Granville to commence their work of Catholic education among the children of the district. At that time, the Sisters, including Sr. Bonaventure Darling, travelled daily from their convent at Holy Trinity for lessons.

Parishioners were most generous with gifts of furniture and other necessities and provisions for the Sisters. Over 40 students started their schooling, but such was the enthusiasm shown by The Trongate Catholic community, that numbers were increased to 75 within a few weeks.

The community also responded to the Sisters’ contribution to their faith education and eventually, in 1946, the parish of Holy Family was founded.

By 1952 the old hall had become so overcrowded with students that a new building was erected across the road. This was a dual use construction, which housed a church and school catering for Kindergarten – Year 6. Shortly afterwards, in 1954, a convent was established at 178 Clyde Street.

In 1963 and 1967 further additions were made to the original building to cater for the greater numbers of students in the area. The Sisters also rejoiced in the opening and blessing of their new convent in 1970, which was located beside the school in The Trongate.

The opening of a new parish hall in the grounds of the school provided an excellent venue for both parishioners and school students for special events and activities. Two new classrooms were added in 1987.

It was a sad occasion in 1987 when the Sisters ended their 50 years of administration at Holy Family School. Their dedication and courage in the education of young students in the Catholic faith was carried on under the guidance of the first lay principal, Mrs Carmel Cannon and in later years by Mr Bernard Holland, Mr Kevin Etherington and our present school principal, Mrs Sue Guilfoyle.

In 2010, Holy Family School completed major building works including the construction of new classrooms and renovation of existing classrooms. A new library and the inclusion of the latest technological applications and modern furniture has been part of the project. The new buildings were formally blessed and opened in 2011 coinciding with the school’s 73rd birthday.