Month of June – Honouring the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Although devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus existed from the very beginning of the Church—ever since His Heart was pierced with a lance— it owes its great modern revival to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. One day as she was in prayer before the Tabernacle when Our Divine Lord appeared to her. He showed her His Heart on a throne of flames, crowned with thorns, and surmounted by a
cross, and thus addressed her:

“Behold this heart, that has loved
men so much, and which has spared
itself in nothing and has even gone
so far as to consume itself, thereby to
show its love. But in return the
greater part of men only show Me
ingratitude, by the irreverence,
tepidity, sacrilege and contempt of
which they make Me the object, in
this Sacrament of love, and that
which I feel most acutely is that they
are hearts consecrated to Me.”

Jesus then expressed the wish that the first Friday after the Octave of Corpus Christi should be dedicated as a special Feast in honour of His Sacred Heart and on that day all who loved Him should endeavour by their love and affection to make amends for the insults offered Him in the Blessed Sacrament. Thus was established the Feast of the Sacred Heart. Thus, too, was June dedicated to the Sacred Heart. From this followed the practice of receiving Holy Communion in reparation to the Sacred Heart, not merely on the
Friday of the Feast, but on every first Friday, for nine consecutive first Fridays.

For as you will have already realised, devotion to the Sacred Heart is naturally directed to the Blessed Sacrament where Jesus is preset, body, soul and divinity and heart. Reparation to the Sacred Heart
means reparation to Jesus and reparation to Jesus means for us Catholics, who are privileged with His presence, reparation to the Blessed Sacrament.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus—
pray for us.

Taken from “Granville Catholic Church Record,” June, 1946.