Trinitarians and the Holy Mass – Part 2

Written By Brandon Zaiter


On Friday 25/10/2019, the Trinitarians met for their monthly get-together. This month’s topic was a continuation of last month’s “The Holy Mass”, where we were able to ask questions about things we didn’t understand or wanted to learn more about the Holy Mass. We also had guest speakers from Campion College, Toongabbie, come in to speak to us about future events.


Paul Morrissey, the President of Campion College, brought up the question of why we call Jesus the ‘Lamb of God’? Going back to the origins of Christianity with the story of Abraham and Isaac, almost sacrificing Isaac for God’s Will. While preparing for the sacrifice, Isaac questions his father and asks what will be sacrificed where Abraham answers “God will provide the Lamb”. After many sacrifices from the people, God sends down His only son Jesus Christ to be the sacrifice of all sacrifices. Paul then mentioned that it is during the Gospel of John that Jesus is classified as the ‘Lamb of God’.


Christine, the Marketing and Recruitment Manager of Campion College, spoke to us about an upcoming event at Campion College- the Summer Program, where students get to experience college life for a week at the Toongabbie campus. The program is open to youth aged between ages 16-20 to live on campus and attend lectures. This is great for students who want to learn what university is like.


Other Topics Discussed:

The evening was wrapped up with some answers to te big questions the Trinitarians had around the Holy Mass. They discussed the various prayers used during the Mass, the significance of the incense and bells as well as the various postures of the people and the Priest. This led the discussion on the Traditional Latin Mass, protecting the Blessed Sacrament, the ties between the Mass and sacred scripture and the importance of attending as both Sunday and weekday Masses. There was such an enthusiasm and curiosity for the Sacred Liturgy and the Blessed Sacrament amongst the young people of our Parish.


During Paul’s discussion, he challenged each of the Trinitarians to make a promise to walk out of every Mass having learnt one thing from God. He challenged the youth to listen closely to the readings and the Gospel and take one message away that can inspire and motivate them. He also reminded them to picture Calvary during the Eucharistic Prayer and draw to mind Jesus’ sacrifice for us. We share this challenge with you, and hope you can take it up next time you attend Mass.


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