5 Ways To Honour The Month Of Holy Souls At Granville

The month of November is traditionally dedicated to the Holy Souls in Purgatory. It is a month when the Church commemorates all the departed faithful who have not yet reached heaven. The Granville Catholic Community is offering many opportunities for you to pray for all holy souls, especially your deceased loved ones.

Here are 5 ways you can honour the Holy Souls in Purgatory this month of November.


1. Attend A Weekday Mass

 “We Must Empty Purgatory With Our Prayers.” ~ St. Padre Pio

The Granville Catholic Community offers daily opportunities for Mass, both in the morning and in the evening.

Holy Trinity Church:

Monday: 9:15AM
Tuesday: 7PM
Wednesday – Saturday: 8:15AM
Saturday (Vigil): 6PM
Sunday: 10AM

Holy Family Church:

Tuesday – Saturday: 9:15AM
Sunday: 8:30AM and 5PM

Add an extra Mass into your weekly schedule to especially pray for souls in purgatory. Here’s a short prayer for you to offer before Mass.



Prayer Of St. Gertrude For The Souls In Purgatory

Eternal Father I offer you the most precious blood of your divine son Jesus
in union with the masses said throughout the world today
for all the holy souls in purgatory, for sinners everywhere,
sinners in the universal church,
those in my own home and within my family.



2. Book Of Remembrance


“As We Enter Heaven We Will See Them, So Many Of Them Coming Towards Us And Thanking Us. We Will Ask Who They Are, And They Will Say A Poor Soul You Prayed For In Purgatory.”  ~ Venerable Fulton Sheen

The Book of Remembrance is placed every year in the Chapel of Our Lady at Holy Trinity Church or the Altar of St. Joseph at Holy Family Church. The Book of Remembrance lists all the dearly departed friends and families of our parishioners. Those whose names are given will be remembered in the Masses said throughout November as we pray for them so that they may, in turn, pray for us.

This November, consider having the names of your loved ones written in the Book of Remembrance. If you would like to add your loved ones to the Book, please fill in one of the envelopes by the doors of the church and leave this in the box provided.





3. Light A Candle In The Chapel Of Our Lady


“I Am The Mother Of All The Poor Souls, For My Prayers Serve To Mitigate Their Sufferings Every Single Hour That They Remain There (Purgatory).” ~ Our Blessed Lady To Saint Bridget


Seek the intercession of Our Lady for the souls in purgatory.

Visit the Chapel of Our Lady at Holy Trinity Church and light a candle for the deceased loved ones of our parishioners mentioned in the Book of Remembrance.

Below is a prayer you can offer to our Blessed Mother.

Prayer To Jesus And Mary For The Holy Souls

Most loving Jesus, I humbly beseech Thee that Thou wouldst Thyself offer to Thine eternal Father, on behalf of the Holy Souls in Purgatory, Thy Most Precious Blood, which poured forth from the Sacred Wounds of Thine adorable Body, together with Thine agony and death.

And do thou likewise, O sorrowful Virgin Mary, present unto the Heavenly Father, together with the dolorous passion of thy dear Son, thine own sighs and tears, and all the sorrows thou didst suffer in His suffering, in order that, through the merits of the same, refreshment may be granted to the souls now suffering in the fiery torments of Purgatory, so that, being delivered from that painful prison, they may be clothed with glory in Heaven, there to sing the mercies of God for ever and ever.



4. Offer A Mass

“The Souls In Heaven Assist Us With Their Prayers, While We Assist The Souls In Purgatory Through Our Good Works, Prayer And Participation In The Eucharist.” ~ Pope Francis


November is the perfect time to have a Mass offered for deceased loved ones, to help in their gaining eternal rest. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states  “From the beginning the church has honoured the memory of the dead and offered prayers in suffrage for them, above all the Eucharistic sacrifice, so that, thus purified, they may attain the beatific vision of God” (No. 1032).

Offer a Mass for your deceased loved ones by using the envelopes at the back of the church. The envelope and donation can be provided directly to the priest. If you would like to make specific arrangements for a Mass, you are welcome to contact the Parish Office to discuss this further.


5. Go To Confession

“One Who Has Confessed And Received Absolution Will Be Less Punished In Purgatory Than One Who Has Gone No Further Than Contrition.” ~ St. Thomas Aquinas

As we pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, we encourage you to also think of your soul and take advantage of the Sacrament of Confession. The Granville Catholic Community has many opportunities for Confessions.

Holy Trinity Church:
Saturday: 5PM – 5:45PM

Holy Family Church:
Wednesday: 6:30PM – 6:50PM
Sunday: 4PM – 4:45PM