Pray with the Granville Catholic Community

With the temporary closure of churches and suspension of public Masses and devotions, many Catholics are looking for ways to utilise technology to nourish their faith. The Granville Catholic Community has already developed several ways for you to access resources and devotional material as a means to enhance your Catholic faith beyond the boundaries of the parish churches.

We have the Church Facebook/Instagram Pages, Church Websites and the Parish Apps (details on how to connect to these are below). Over time we’ve seen great growth in their use by various parishioners of all ages! As the Parish Team works behind the scene to develop even more initiatives, this is the perfect time to begin using what is already available.



Prayer for various intentions: Across the Facebook and Instagram Feeds, various prayers are shared daily for particular intentions. The Parish Team ensures these prayers are relevant to the happenings of society as well as the liturgical season or feast days.

The Parish App has a dedicated ‘Prayer’ library, featuring common prayers to help you in your private devotions. It even has the nifty feature of scheduling prayer reminders so you never miss an opportunity to pray!


Prayer Booklets: The Holy Trinity Church website features a ‘Resources’ library, packed with the booklets used throughout various Church liturgies and devotions. These have been made available on our website because we hope you can use them in your devotions outside of the church walls. This Lent, particularly, you may utlise the Stations of the Cross booklet to privately pray on Friday. The various booklets available for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament are great for you to use in the evenings as they hold extracts of the Divine Office.


The Holy Rosary: The Parish App has a Rosary feature which is great tool to use in private prayer or as a family. It is accompanied by audio of the Rosary being prayed, making it perfect for use in home or in your daily commute. The Rosary feature includes the scripture readings relevant to each mystery as well as a small reflection.


Examination of Conscience: An examination of conscience does not only need to be used as you prepare for the Sacrament of Penance. It is another way of ending your day in prayer, reflecting on your personal actions throughout the day and seeking God’s aid for the following day. The Parish App has a great tool that walks you through an Examination of Conscience in the ‘Confession’ part.



Saint of the Day: Across the Facebook and Instagram Feeds, we have a ‘Saint of the Day’ segment. Daily, Well-known and unique Saints are spotlighted with a small biography and prayer. These help us draw to mind men and women recognised by the Church for their firm faith, courage and example. Read these daily and reflect on what you can learn from their story. Share them with family and friends and seek their intercession during this trialling time. This may even me a timely opportunity to ‘adopt a Saint’ to help you in your devotions through this period.


Sunday Gospel Reflection: Weekly, a small reflection based on the Sunday Gospel is posted. This is to accompany what you would’ve heard at Mass but now is still relevant as you spend time reading the daily scriptures. These are made available across our Facebook and Instagram Feeds.


Homilies: Fr. Andrew’s homilies are posted every week on the Parish Websites, Apps and Facebook Pages. These are perfect, whether you want to accompany your daily scripture reading or take a moment out of your day to reflect and pray.

Homilies and Reflections from other priests are also available on the Parish App.


Daily Readings: Daily Readings are available through the Parish App. This means that you can take a moment out of any day to pull out your phone and read the Gospel and readings of the day.


Here are the details for the three great ways you can connect with the Granville Catholic Community.


Social Media:

The Holy Trinity Church Facebook and Instagram handle is @holytrinitygranville

The Holy Family Church Facebook handle is @holyfamilyeastgranville



Holy Trinity Church:

Holy Family Church:


Parish App:

Head over to your phone App Store and search ‘MyParishApp’. Once downloaded, search for either ‘Holy Trinity Church’ or ‘Holy Family Church’ within the App.


Whilst we cannot gather as a community under the one roof, we can still join together in prayer through the gift of technology. We encourage you to not become complacent in this time, but prayer ardently for the global Church, those impacted by COVID19 and all the people tirelessly working to aid the sick. Let us pray with hope, that soon these restrictions will be lifted, and we will be able to join together again, even stronger in our faith and love of Christ.